Solitaire – “Summer Friend”

Before we dive into the music itself, I want to take a second to acknowledge and address the talent of Adam “Solitaire” Wawzonek. His latest single “Summer Friend” is a track from his sophomore album Double Life, which is released by Keats Collective, a label that is a huge promoter of Nu-Disco.

Now, the Nu-Disco/Funk genre has been growing over the last few years with many iterations. However, very, very few producers of this genre play and produce every single element of a track. Whereas Solitaire, on the other hand, plays every instrument in his songs: the drums, guitar, trumpet, bass, keyboard and he writes and sings the lyrics. He also mixes and masters his own music. In a day and age of sample based music, this is true talent. For these reasons Adam is one of the most talented musician/producers in the Nu-Disco/Funk genre. Period.

“Summer Friend” rushes at us with beach vibes, fast paced riffs, a 4 on the floor, with a slow balanced chord progression that together obviously shout I’m influenced by the ’70s. Then, in typical Solitaire fashion, Adam falsetto-ly sings lyrics about a woman; she has just stepped out of the shower and is “nothing like [he’s] ever seen before”. Adam continues to describe his new Summer Friend, telling her to “take my hand, hold me close and it joins our heart as one”. Now, our fast paced riff has a different timbre and the two sounds switch as we progress through choruses, bridges and verses. These are elements true to songwriting, something that Solitaire meticulously strives for.

Adam is a true musician, which is evident in “Summer Friend” and likely to shine through in his new album Double Life — something I am eagerly anticipating.¬†Oh, and a FYI, that guitar solo, yeah that’s Adam thrashing.

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