Premiere: Jancave – “Nightly”

Jancave is a fresh new project by our friend, Jan Colango, a Vancouver-based bedroom producer, and we’re stoked to be premiering his debut track “Nightly”. The track’s title aptly articulates the song’s atmosphere; a cloak of darkness is gently draped over its body, subtle bass creeps in and out, slowed and pitched vocal samples slur across, and hypnotic hip-hop beats keep the…


Abhi/Dijon – “Abhi/Dijon EP”

Today’s music is very similar to a firework show on the Fourth of July; everyone is expecting something fantastic, with dazzling flashes of genius appearing in the nothingness for only a few seconds before dissipating back into the black background. EPs and LPs blend into one another, spectacular yet overshadowed by newer albums. However, Abhi/Dijon‘s self-titled EP is a bit…


Bed. – “Wayward”

The Portland-based indie trio Bed, brings you a track that sounds like it could have been released in the early 90’s rather than 2014. The band’s self categorized “slow-fi” genre is evident within the few seconds of listening to “Wayward”. The low bass gives “Wayward” a grunge-y type attitude, then the high pitched guitar comes in layered gently on top sounding…


LANY – “Made in Hollywood”

LA-based outfit LANY’s newest single, “Made in Hollywood,” demands it’s listeners undivided attention by opening with hard hitting snares and soft, slightly modulating synth pads. Slowly, the track is layered with more complex rhythms, melodic tines, and sweeping vocals. The golden coast influenced anthem offers listeners a stark portrayal of what it means to to born in La-La-Land, the City…

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Mr Twin Sister – “Blush”

New York’s Mr Twin Sister is showing us a big contrast in musical style. On one hand you have have the goofy/quirky house track “Out of the dark”, that makes you want to bust out in  the weirdest dance possible. However, on this more laid back track “Blush”, you have the impulse to take your significant other out on the dance…

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CRUISR – “All Over”

You better put your dukes up and watch out for this knock-out new track, “All Over”, from indie-pop band CRUSIR. Coming from Philadelphia and starting in 2012 as the solo project of Andy States, CRUSIR has a sound that feels like you are listening to a band that has been playing together for many albums based on how clean and…


Slow Magic – “Waited 4 U”

“Waited 4 U” is Slow Magic‘s most recent offering off of the mask-clad producer’s forthcoming How To Run Away album. The track opens with a pulsating beat, leading up to an electrifying explosion of synthesizers and marvelous bass. Crooning vocals are the cherry on top of this decadently sweet track. How To Run Away comes out September 9th on Downtown Records. (Photo)


Premiere: LEFT – “About Nothing”

Britain-based producer LEFT (aka Zak McGrath) just dropped the incredible number “About Nothing” and we’re absolutely smitten. A gorgeous build-up introduces us to the track’s darkly seductive, minimalist elements as the producer slowly pieces them together, skilfully building our anticipation. At the exact moment all the elements start to come together is the very moment a subtle, yet overwhelming warmth washes over in…


fwdslxsh – “Yellow”

It’s been a week since London-based producer fwdslxsh released the track “Yellow.” Within that time it’s jumped to over 55,000 plays on Soundcloud and for good reason. This track is a gem among a pile of bedroom rubbish storming through blog sites and submission boxes. First you’re greeted with the sound of rain and soft vocal sampling that transcends into the track.…


Premiere: Eest Coast – “Never Change”

We’re super stoked about getting to premiere “Never Change”, one of the tracks from Connecticut-based producer Eest Coast‘s debut EP Selfish People. The track features a gorgeous and expansive soundscape that envelopes every inch of your head-space and doesn’t easily let up, while its repetitive nature only holds on to you tighter as you fall prey to its hypnotic allure. Super chilled…