Trak Joy – “Skin”

New York-based Trak Joy provides the kind of raw talent hidden in the darkness of the indie scene that we love most. The track “Skin” wraps you in a blanket of synths and the drop into the first chorus is reminiscent of synth pop in its better days. The track is both capable of portraying a feeling of nostalgia through their…


TVNE – “Love & Lingerie”

Fresh faced, 19 year-old Cleveland-based producer, TVNE, showcases his masterful production with his chill-out track, “Love & Lingerie.” The track features a fresh approach to 1990′s Houston-era “slowed and throwed” sampling, uniquely arranged within a sweet, droney soundscape. “Love & Lingerie” is the perfect song to chill out to as things heat up. Grab the track via Soundcloud. (Photo)


Saint Pepsi – “Fall Harder”

With “Fall Harder”, Saint Pepsi (aka 21-year old Ryan DeRobertis) fuses the posh stateliness of the RAM-era of Daft Punk’s inner yacht rock with a vibrant chillwave sheen. The b-side to his vocal debut and this year’s brilliant favorite “Fiona Coyne”, the hook-laden “Fall Harder” is a perfect accompanying swan song to the endearingly saccharine days of summer. Stream it below…


kuma – “Beneath The Flowers”

LA/Tacoma’s kuma just dropped a 2 track EP called BERA and we’re absolutely smitten with “Beneath The Flowers”. The 18 year-old producer reminisces on the music he was heavily listening to back in high school, with Lupe Fiasco‘s Food And Liquor inspiring this gorgeous track. Warm synths wash over this number, while glitchy vocal samples and flickering beat work effortlessly skip about the warm…


aywy. & Ekali – “Your Love”

Flow-fi‘s aywy. and Vancouver’s Ekali just dropped another absolutely incredible number called “Your Love” from their upcoming EP together. The two explicitly skilled producers have taken an immensely popular sample that’s been recycled repeatedly and transformed it into something absolutely breathtaking. The track starts off with an icy introduction, but slowly morphs into a warm and sensual masterpiece with deep,…


Ekali – “Unfaith”

Vancouver based producer Ekali works magic on his newest song “Unfaith”, a drifting, soaring, echoing track posted on his SoundCloud. Light vocals and transient, fading beats wobbling in and out of auditory existence are noticeable at first, balanced on a fine line between conscious being and blissful nothingness. Then the song’s zenith rips into a solid state, which is able to…


Gosh Pith – “Waves”

Not many groups can blend together chill vibes with expressive chords and unique vocals, however Gosh Pith seem to do this effortlessly on this new track, “Waves”. Inspired by a 5am psychedelic winter walk through the streets of Paris, the Detroit based cosmic trap duo ask you to let go of the problems filling your life right now and have…


‘The Aphrodisiac’ By Pure Fortune Records

Pure Fortune Records is a new, affiliated label of the blog that specializes in producing vinyl compilation albums. The label is founded on the principle of offsetting the ramifications of digital music consumption and their insatiable passion for supporting independent artists. PFR, alongside many other DIY independent labels, seeks to continue pushing forth the vinyl revival movement, to stress the…


HONNE – “Warm On A Cold Night”

We’ve been sitting on this incredible debut release “Warm On A Cold Night” from newcomers HONNE for a bit now and every listen since its release sounds like a fresh one. Just as the title suggests, this track is that blanket of warmth you’ve been needing on the inside, regardless of any external temperature you might have been experiencing this…


Interview: V E N N

Echoes From Foreign Spaces is the first release from upcoming East London post-punkers V E N N. Over the past few weeks I’ve had the immense pleasure of discussing V E N N’s origins, influences, environment and creative processes. Surprisingly, this conversation led us around the topics of German House, Black Metal, DIY ethics, personal space, calculation, recalculation, natural deviation and,…