Hearing Gold: The ‘Vacation Spirit’ Compilation

Hearing Gold is excited to be back with another brand new compilation titled Vacation Spirit for everyone this summer. Curated with love, we present to you 15 exclusive songs documenting the sounds of a blissful summer as personally expressed by their respective artists. Thanks to all the contributing artists for all their hard work, we couldn’t have asked a better group of people to make up this compilation. Check out the tracklist and stream the entire compilation down below and then head over to Bandcamp to grab the compilation in its entirety.

01 Sea Pinks – Ashley’s Summer Tan
02 Swiss Alps – Pelican Dive
03 Bayatas – On Your Clothing
04 Summerays – Sunshine
05 Observer Drift – Out of Time
06 Aural Burrows – Found a Place
07 Grand Resort– Ocean Liner
08 HOUNDSds – Honeysuckle
09 Twin Cabins – Ashes
10 Blessin’ – Gardenia
11 Sun Sister – Moquette
12 Balue – Pool Honeys
13 Teen Runnings – Take You Away
14 Bedroom – The Clouds
15 Driffs – Someday

[bandcamp album=4127997287 bgcol=FFFFFF linkcol=4285BB size=grande3]

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