Slowz – “In This Moment Forever (Feat. Mystery Skulls)”

My oh my, what a track.

“In This Moment Forever” starts off with a pretty standard house pattern (kick-hat-snare-hat) with a little bit of a roll at the end, just enough to know where to pick up. This sets us up for, what’s expected to be, a 4-4 on the floor dance track, considering it is LA’s Luis “Mystery Skulls” Dubuc. But wait, reverbed minor synth chords played by Parisian Jeremie “Slowz” Graesslin commence and the mood changes. This isn’t going to be a dance track (but my god is it dance-able).

The chord progression is followed by a soulful Luis, in a style very reminiscent of the late and legendary Romanthony who sings, “I’m driving as fast as I can, can’t wait until I see you…because you’re all that I think of, you’re all that I dream of…I’m thinking I could live in this moment forever”.

The production of this track is superb. Take a note on how the drums and Luis’ vocals interplay on the chorus and bridge, giving precedence to either element when needed.  Slowz is able to showcase his production skills by adding and peeling layers as the song comes to a conclusion.

I really hope these two collaborate more, because I’m thinking I could listen to this track forever.

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