Premiere: James Deen – “Girl (Feat. Clairo)”

James Deen, a Vancouver-based beat producer and genre pusher releases his second single, “Girl, off his upcoming album, Never Been Cool.

Stripped, raw and bare, our song begins with an askew drum pattern. As we progress, gentle synths underlay a beautifully woeful voice in the distance–it’s Clairo. The beat drops and a barrage of high-hats come skittering in as Clairo vocalizes the mood of our song: “All you tell me is I am not worth of your love…that I meant nothing, that I was just nothing…I just was a girl”.

As the depths of Clairo’s emotions grow, so does the depth of production; floating saxophone samples, panned scaling string plucks, and alluding base tones come into full bloom, while Clairo croons, “I don’t want you back…”.

We reach the bridge and final chapter of the song and James Deen further flexes his production talent by adding new elements to our piece, pitch shifting vocals and finally stripping away elements, leaving you with Clairo’s vocal talent.

Never Been Cool will be available on April 13th.