Premiere: Real Cosby – “Gold Braid”

Here’s Denver-based producer Real Cosby‘s excellent track “Gold Braid”, the second single and title track off of his forthcoming EP of the same name. The producer skillfully builds an upbeat fantasy with beautiful synth melodies and singsong-like vocal samples that colorfully swirl and hop around each other, while hand-clapped beats lend to some impulsive head and body movement. You can find the track…


Florian Bery – “The Wave”

Residing in la belle Paris, Florian Bery gives us “The Wave”, a French-house/tropical downtempo hybrid. Formerly known as Gliterium, Florian Bery has shifted his style to create a more colorful, sun-soaked tropics sound. “The Wave“ succeeds in being a summer house anthem; warm, lively, and estival. Listen to the synth saturated song below. (Photo)


Premiere: Dripping Wet – “Yearbook” / “Everything Grows”

It is our pleasure to premiere the new Denton-based outfit Dripping Wet‘s debut tracks “Yearbook” and “Everything Grows”. The outfit spins easy, lo-fi dream pop, reflecting on the familiar subjects of disheartening, unrequited love and sporadic, inner musings with a youthful idealism and naiveté. The tracks are blanketed cozily with warm, yet breezy, guitar melodies that gently nurture a seemingly infinite supply of…


Slow Magic – “Hold Still”

It seems our talented friend Slow Magic will never cease to surprise and amaze us. His latest effort “Hold Still” serves as an irrefutable testament to our claim and warrants no further explanation. The gentle caressing of the listener’s anticipation of the track’s build is both comforting and serene, and at its point of climax, fills you with awe-inspiring joy, of…


Bearcubs – “Let Go”

Here’s a gorgeous new downtempo track called “Let Go” from London-based producer Bearcubs. From the get-go, warm synth pads and pitch-shifted vocals carry you into the airy soundscapes. Here, a balance is forged between the icy atmosphere and the warm undertones, simultaneously causing that pleasurable hot and cold sensation. Moreover, the track’s immaculate beat work wraps it all up nicely.…


Odesza – “Memories That You Call (Feat. Monsoonsiren)”

Like a tropical cruise through some distant solar system, Odesza‘s “Memories That You Call” combines warm summertime vibes with an odyssey-like atmosphere of sonic exploration. Featuring guest vocals from Monsoonsiren, “Memories That You Call” is the first single from the Seattle-based electronic duo’s upcoming album, In Return, set to drop September 9th. Odesza tour dates are soon to be announced.…


JUCE! – “Burning Up”

With summer in full swing and no sign of the sweltering temperatures letting up, JUCE!’s appropriately named single “Burning Up” brings the heat. The UK-based female soul trio have created a blazing, dance inducing jam that’ll have you up on your feet and busting out some moves. Scorching vocals and a smooth bass create a tune sure to get the…


Mansions On The Moon – “Don’t Tell”

LA-based outfit Mansions On The Moon gives us the first taste of their forthcoming debut album with “Don’t Tell” and we’re already sitting quite impatiently to hear more off the release. MOTM is probably the only few bands out there that do synth pop right. With bright synth melodies dancing about, impeccable vocal hooks and harmonies, and head-bopping four-on-the-floor beat…


Body Language – “4 Real”

“4 Real” is the latest track from Brooklyn-based outfit Body Language. It is crisp, sweet, and refreshing. Turn up the volume and properly explore the swell of emotions brought on by Brooklyn four-piece’s uplifting samples, grooving beats and fresh, disco-inspired key/guitar arrangements. The cherry on top of the gorgeous track are Angelica Bess‘s strong vocals pasted to sugary, sensible lyrics. It’s crystal clear…