Hearing Gold: The ‘Midnight Cassette’ Compilation

Hearing Gold is proud to present our latest compilation, Midnight Cassette, a brand new release which we’ve been working on with the collective effort of some of our favorite artists, producers, and bands. The concept of this compilation was to curate a collection of tracks to listen to while freely cruising the road on a long, introspective drive. Check out the tracklist and stream the compilation after the jump.

Delving deeper into the specifics of the theme, we decided to conceptualize the approach by descriptively submerging the participating artists and producers with the image of an ’80s Camaro SS passing by blurry neon city lights well into the cover of the night. However, that’s not to say that this is the exact setting that is required because these particular images are subjective and would be so for the artists and producers interpreting them, but more so, we wanted to elicit as closely as possible the aesthetics of an ’80s soft, haze-filtered pop and new wave vibe that mimicked the feeling of peaceful isolation when it’s just you, your car and your tape deck.

The resulting effort you hear before you is a simple vision that came into fruition through the talent of some really creative people. Thanks to all the amazing artists, producers, and bands who have taken the time out of their schedules to contribute an exclusive, original, and quality track for the compilation. Check out the tracklist and stream the entire compilation down below via Soundcloud and then head over to Bandcamp to grab the compilation in its entirety. (Tip: Listen to the compilation in its sequential order and enjoy!)

01 Wayphaser – Static Breath
02 Kites With Lights – Night Colours
03 ONTHE88 – Cruisin’ PCH
04 Rewind Back – Dance In The Night
05 A Gap Between – Orange Horizon
06 Pyrenees – Always
07 Teeel – 88mph
08 Dreams West – Disengage
09 Underwater Seacreatures – I See Ya Girl
10 Manhood – Dust
11 Bewilderbeast – Dreamz

<a href=”http://hearinggold.bandcamp.com/album/midnight-cassette-a-hearing-gold-compilation” data-mce-href=”http://hearinggold.bandcamp.com/album/midnight-cassette-a-hearing-gold-compilation”>Midnight Cassette: A Hearing Gold Compilation by Hearing Gold</a>

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