Interview: Slow Magic

Slow Magic—an imaginary friend, an anonymous entity, and a purveyor of the visual-centric electronic music community. It’s been a mysterious and fast journey for our imaginary friend, but we’ve been keeping a close eye and ear on the project since its mysterious inception not too long ago. Slow Magic’s world of vibrantly dreamy and upbeat styles are paired with a rich palette of visually invigorating imagery which takes the listener into a world of uninhibited imagination. Check out our interview with Slow Magic below when he stopped by Vancouver to play a set in support of Gold Panda. We talk anonymity, stage presence, touring, Santa Claus, public jaywalking, and a new full-length album.

HG: So we’re here with Slow Magic, a project started around two years ago?

Slow Magic: I think so, yeah.

HG: Right, so any noticeable differences in what you’re doing as your project progresses?

Slow Magic: Yeah, when I started I just made some music in my room and put it online so it was a lot different, like I never really played it live and I just put it out anonymously. Eventually I had to play some shows…

HG: Eventually, that had to happen.

Slow Magic: Haha, yeah, well people asked me to do it, so…and then I, yeah actually the drums came later on by accident when my computer broke one night and I borrowed a drum from a friend and then played the drums, so…that happened by accident haha.

HG: I think that’s pretty awesome that you added drums there and it makes your set a little bit more dynamic than most electronic acts.

Slow Magic: Thank you.

HG: Yeah, we’re just saying it’s refreshing to see a different dynamic to an electronic set. So, I’m glad you incorporated that into your live set.

Slow Magic: Thanks.

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HG: Did you imagine that you would take your project to this level, with extensive touring?

Slow Magic: I don’t know, I think I always wanted to travel and play music but I never knew it would actually happen and I’ve made a lot of music since I was really young, and this is the first time people listened and cared about it I guess, like more than just my friends which is always more valuable. But yeah I never knew that I would travel to Europe and to Australia and stuff, so. Or to Canada even haha.

HG: Well, we’re really glad to have you, hope you come back soon.

Slow Magic: Me too.

HG: So anonymity is a huge part of what you’re doing, is there any reason why you want to keep that as an important aspect of your project?

Slow Magic: Yeah, when I started I just wanted to make it somehow just about the music without anything else, you know? Like, of course there’s artwork involved and presentation but I wanted people to not really care about who made it or where they were from. I just wanted it to be about the music and the art more than the identity and the face and whatever it is because I think I was sick of people that were more interested in putting themselves out there rather than mainly their music. Maybe that’s rude, but I don’t know, I think it’s just like more important to focus on the music, before you know, who makes it or whatever.

HG: Okay, I can see where you’re coming from with that. Yeah, because it’s definitely easy to get wrapped up in obsessing over personal identities.

Slow Magic: And I think I’m even the same way. I’m always interested in who is doing what and where they’re from but I think I wanted to challenge myself and challenge other people to just listen to music and like it or dislike it for music, you know? And even with visuals as well.

HG: The project has come so far, so what’s next for Slow Magic? What are we expecting?

Slow Magic: I’m working on a new record that is almost finished and looking for a label and that should be out as soon as labels find it so I don’t know. Then just touring a lot here and the U.S. and then Europe, so hopefully, I’ll be back here soon and have a new record.

HG: And what would you say the hardest part about keeping the anonymous profile was for you so far? Or is it still hard?

Slow Magic: I think it was, I think I thought it would be harder than it was but I realized that people, I think really understand what it takes to make it secret and like the fun part of keeping it a secret…

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HG: So they respect that privacy.

Slow Magic: Yeah, and it’s kind of like Santa Claus like if you have younger siblings, you know that Santa Claus doesn’t exist but you understand how fun it is to keep it a secret, that he’s not real.

HG: …What do you mean?!

Slow Magic: Haha, oh, yeah. I mean yeah, Santa Claus is real and so is Slow Magic.

HG: Haha I believe Slow Magic’s real. So favorite part of your set, definitely the drum circle stuff.

Slow Magic: Thanks.

HG: Do you ever get scared of jumping into the crowd, that anything might happen to you?

Slow Magic: Yeah, sometimes it’s kind of hard, there’s like security barriers and photo pits and stuff but I always try to jump over that and kind of meet the crowd because I feel like there’s a disconnect most of the time between the audience and the stage that shouldn’t always be there, you know? Like I think it’s like we’re all together and I want people to feel a part of it, you know? So, I try my best to jump out and even if it’s like a really big venue or festival I’ll definitely break some rules and get out there. But, yeah, it’s really fun to meet people and break that wall, I guess.

HG: Yeah, it’s definitely more engaging when you do that. It makes the show, like I said, more dynamic. I mean like yeah, I just stand there and watch a producer do his thing for like 45 minutes and like “Yeah, okay, cool.” But let’s see something different, you know?

Slow Magic: Yeah, I think it’s a big challenge that some people don’t want to face. I guess I’m trying to do that haha.

HG: Yeah, well, you’re doing a good job.

Slow Magic: Thanks.

HG: Favorite place that you’ve toured so far?

Slow Magic: It’s really difficult because I’ve gotten to go to a lot of beautiful places but I definitely have to say that Iceland has been the most amazing place on the planet that I’ve been and it’s just like another planet really, and the music, the art, the people there are so, so amazing and really, really nice to be around. But yeah, I’ve loved being in Europe and Australia and even in the United States there’s some places that I’ve never been before, and Canada is like different than that so it’s really cool.

HG: Is it your first time in Canada?

Slow Magic: I have never been over here [in Vancouver]. I’ve been to Montreal and Toronto once, um yeah the other side of the map, I’ve been to.

HG: East Coast.

Slow Magic: Yeah. And that was fun. And I’ve heard so many things about how beautiful it is here and I love going up the coast, so it’s been really fun.

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HG: And you guys are making a tour diary?

Slow Magic: Yeah, well we’re trying to. Some friends of mine are on tour and they’re filming everything so, they might find out who I am, or maybe they won’t, but we’ll see what happens.

HG: Depends on the post-production, hey?

Slow Magic: I guess it’s up to the editors but we’re trying to film everything even though it’s a secret with who I am, but we’ll see what happens with that. There’s some really good footage, we’ve had some crazy incidences with police and boarder patrol and venues haha, and it’s crazy.

HG: Sounds intriguing. Any interesting tour stories? The one that stands out the most to you?

Slow Magic: Yeah, there’s a lot. Let me think… Yeah, we were in Los Angeles and just walking around on Hollywood Boulevard and we were just getting some food at a pizza place and it was a red light and we walked across the street but the police stopped us. It’s illegal to walk across the street there when it’s a red light. So, my friend Jimmy who’s on tour got handcuffed and…

HG: Haha, for walking across the street…

Slow Magic: Yeah, for walking—jaywalking, and I thought it was going to be a big ordeal but then the police got a call for something that was real and then they left so…

HG: Haha “for something that was real”.

Slow Magic: Haha, yeah, it was pretty fun. We’ve gotten away with a lot of things I think.

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HG: Haha, that’s awesome. Slow Magic: “Public Jaywalker”. Goodness, how will the fans react?

Slow Magic: Breaking all the laws you can.

HG: This is going to be a controversial interview. So you said you’re making a new album, did you write all the songs already for that?

Slow Magic: Yeah, it’s basically as finished as it will be. As far as labels go and all that, it’s just going to be out as soon as possible. I don’t know when but…

HG: You got any prospective labels? Ones that you’re hoping for?

Slow Magic: I think we have a few. It’s, uh, if you’re a label, release my record I guess haha.

HG: Haha, okay, so anything goes?

Slow Magic: E-mail me at

HG: Haha, keeping that AOL alive.

Slow Magic: Just kidding, I don’t know, haha.

HG: That’d be funny if you actually did. People are going to e-mail that now… Offer to distribute. 

Slow Magic: I’ll have to actually get that e-mail address.

HG: And looking forward to more vinyls for your record?

Slow Magic: Yes, definitely.

HG: And this is a full length that you’re working on?

Slow Magic: Yeah. About 10 songs or something, I don’t know.

HG: That’d be good. That seems to be the number nowadays.

Slow Magic: I’m afraid to promise things because I have no idea but I really want to release as it soon as I can. Like, I’m sure you’ve heard like 3 or 4 new songs tonight and those are all going to be on the record.

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HG: Yes, and those sounded awesome by the way.

Slow Magic: Thank you.

HG: I didn’t recognize them, but I’m like “This sounds awesome!”.

Slow Magic: Yeah and I hope you can recognize them soon.

HG: Yeah, hopefully. Really excited for that.

Slow Magic: Thanks.

HG: Any parting words to your fans out there?

Slow Magic: Um, I love you. Bye.

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