Interview: SALES

Coming from Orlando, Florida, SALES, is the bare bones, indie rock duo of Lauren Morgan and Jordan Shih. The long – time friends and collaborators have gained quite a following in a short amount of time through a collection of infectiously catchy singles that sound very unique but are still full of personality, inviting, and warm to the listeners ears. These tracks all join together to become their debut self-titled EP, released on September 22. I recently got in contact with the band to ask them a few questions about their music, live shows, and free time.


Hearing Gold: How does the production and recording process happen for SALES?


SALES: We record everything ourselves, from our homes– which seems to be fairly common these days. Our rehearsal space is our recording space, and because of that, we use a lot of raw material in the recording/production process which we later refine into the songs you may or may not have heard. For example, the main guitar riff in “renee” is a recording of one of the first times I [Lauren] ever played it.


HG: How long has the material from your self titled EP been in the works?


SALES: The material for the EP is part of a larger body of work that will be released on the full-length next year. We have been working on these songs on and off since the summer of 2013.



HG: How are your live shows, do you play songs that aren’t released or do you stick to the songs that have developed and everyone knows the words too?


SALES: We play a good mix of songs that are released and other songs, yet to be released, that we enjoy playing. It is always fun and surprising when people sing along to songs like “renee” and “chinese new year”.


HG: Have you had any crazy things happen at shows while you guys were on tour?


SALES: Yes, usually our shows are so moving that people are naked and wailing by the encore. Sometimes we say “we don’t know anymore songs,” just to make sure no one dies in a way that they wouldn’t want their parents to know about.


HG: On your EP, there is a remix by XXYYXX, how did that come about?


SALES: Jordan knows Marcel from a while ago, a magical time when Jordan was performing and producing as JSHIH. I only just recently met Marcel, and he is a very sweet guy. Jordan and I both really enjoy his music, and figured it was worth a shot to ask if he’d remix one of our tracks for the EP. We’re really happy with it and think it is a great fit.



HG: Is there anything you want to avoid in your music career?


SALES: It is all fun and games until someone gets taken advantage of. Let’s all just band together, join hands, and run.



HG: What do you guys do in your free time?


SALES: We both have day jobs, when we are not working, we are usually together working on music or sitting across from each other at Golden Thai thinking-up responses to interview questions.


HG: What upcoming shows is SALES having?


SALES: We will be playing-out more in Florida while we work on our full-length. We’ll specifically be playing in Tampa, FL on November 21st and in Gainesville, FL at a show put on by Elestial Sound on November 15th.