Interview: BEDROOM

Based out of Nashville, Tennessee, BEDROOM is the isolation chamber that extends from the outermost musical tips of Noah Kittinger‘s hair follicles to the edges of his room. Perhaps even then some of the bass softly leaks into the neighboring walls, luring in the minds of young dreamers just barely out of sight. He appeared on the scene a couple of years ago and has since maintained a consistent and raw brand of dream pop only akin to the likes of a growing artist capable of both inspiring the new and intimidating the experienced. We were able to interview him amidst the release of his latest single, “Work This Out,” that released today.

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Hearing Gold: So why BEDROOM? WHY!? No really, why the name Bedroom? 

BEDROOM: I wanted to name the project something that would represent what music was to me. Whether I’m playing or making it. Music has always been a solitude for me. I started to think about what would make sense. I didn’t care if it sounded or looked cool, I wanted it to really mean something. I thought to myself one day “Oh, a bedroom.” I feel like someones bedroom is their solitude, it’s a place where they can shut out the world and all of their issues and just be alone. That’s what music has always been for me.

I am not BEDROOM. I am Noah Kittinger and I make music in the project called BEDROOM.

HG: It’s been a while since you’ve released Grow. What have you been up to in the meantime? 

BEDROOM: Well, I’ve moved out of my parents into an apartment. I’m a full time music business student at SAE here in Nashville. I’ve been busy with that mostly, but also working on new music. Whether its for BEDROOM or not, I’m constantly creating.

HG: What does this track reflect about you?

BEDROOM: This track is about a girl I knew a couple of years ago. It’s really just about my experience with that. I guess I’ve always wanted to write a song about her.

HG: Where do you want to be in a year?

BEDROOM: In a year I will be done with college and will hopefully be doing music full time somehow. Obviously being an artist is what will always come first, but I also have interest in working in the industry as a manager or something. I have dreams of starting my own management company, or even a record label. I have dreams and will never stop working to achieve them. In a year from now, I hope to be closer to those dreams.

HG: If you could put your music into the soundtrack of one person’s life, who would it be? 

BEDROOM: Hmm. Probably a sad business man. He probably has a dog, a wife, some kids. Oh! I got it, Don Draper.

HG: How did “Work this out” come to you? Was it in a building process or did it kind of just ooze out?

BEDROOM: I actually had been going through a huge creative block with BEDROOM. I didn’t know what was next. I have so many demos of things I forced out. I realized I was thinking way too much about it and took a long break and just focused on school and other musical things I’m involved in. After a while I just sort of eased back into the project with the sound that was in my head. It was the best feeling. I think a lot of it had to do with the software I was using. I tried using logic for months and wasn’t getting anywhere with it. I simply made the switch back to S1 and things started to move again.