Hearing Gold’s Tracks of 2012

We’ve reached the end of the year here at Hearing Gold yet again and the amount of musical innovation we’ve been able to witness in the last twelve months has been nothing short of amazing. Blog favorites continue to hold our attention while new acts discovered instantly take our breath away; the amount of talent we’ve come across has been absolutely inconceivable. It’s definitely been an incredible year for everyone in this awesome community and it only makes us continue to love what we do here as we look forward to a new year of music. Here’s a compiled selection of the 20 tracks that found themselves on heavy rotation for us this past year. We’ve again omitted a few tracks here that will be appearing on our forthcoming EPs of 2012 and LPs of 2012 lists so be sure to stay tuned for those.

Case Work — “With You”

Charles Murdoch — “Compatible Ooh Ooh”

Chrome Sparks — “Marijuana”

Giraffage — “Feels”

Leaks — “The Only Place For You And Me”

Maundrie Fox — “I Miss”

Mister Lies“Cleam”

MVSCLES — “Where You Are”

Patchwork — “U Were In My Dreams”

Pip John — “Hard”

Sea Pinks — “Staycation”

Slow Magic — “On Yr Side”

Snacs — “Secret Hiding Place”

SNSCRN — “Miss You”

Suburban Living — “I Don’t Fit In”

Summer Occasion — “Me & U”

Sweater Beats — “Make A Move”

Tea Leigh & Luke Reed — “Color Theory”

Triptides — “Couch Surfer”

Yalls — “Real Fantasy”

[Download all tracks]

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