Hearing Gold’s LPs of 2012

Here’s our final list of the year. Similar to our EPs of 2012 list, our LPs of 2012 list is an alphabetical compilation of the 10 LPs that made its way into our heads and some even our hearts. Our list is not entirely comprehensive of all the albums that made an impression on us this year but it’s as close as we can get. These are the albums that we fully took pleasure in indulging in throughout its whole duration and that remained with us throughout the rest of the year after their release. Check out a selected track from the featured LP by clicking on the cropped album artwork and be sure to also check out our EPs of 2012 list as well as our Tracks of 2012 list. See you all in the new year!


Cadence Collective – Cadence Sampler (self-released 03/30/12)

Cadence Sampler by Cadence Collective, a group of like-minded artists/producers, is their debut full-length album consisting of 10 stunning electronic tracks. The collective includes Bearcubs, Cube Face, Kruisemode, m∞n, and Theo Bass—all of whom are exceptional producers working under various styles. This album showcases some of the collective’s best work and is an excellent collection of slick electronic pieces.


Cemeteries – The Wilderness (released by Lefse Records 10/22/12)

The Wilderness from Buffalo’s Cemeteries (a.k.a. Kyle J. Reigle) is an album that dropped right in the middle of Fall and no one single album could have soundtracked the season better than it did. Dreamy and nocturnal soundscapes drowsily cloak each track on the album with much of the effect being that of a chilly and spacey atmosphere, especially when coupled with such breezy vocal work. That being said, the album is incredibly comforting in its slight demeanor of nighttime gloom. This is an absolutely gorgeous album that will be spun for many seasons to come.


Elvis Depressedly – hotter sadness (self-released 10/09/12)

This project of Mat Cothran known as Elvis Depressedly has always mysteriously found its way inside our heads and we’re pretty sure we’re not the only ones expressing this sentiment. There’s just something about Cothran’s style of morose and dysphoria encapsulated in tracks that barely pass the 2 minute mark that are so inexplicably emotive and alluring. It’s a delightful sadness in hotter sadness as the album is beautiful in its melancholic state.


Holidays – Young Love (released by KIY Records 03/05/12)

It would be a mistake to label Rome-based outfit Holidays‘ debut LP Young Love just another dream pop album with breezy guitar melodies and reverb-happy vocals. The album as a whole is not outstanding only because it is characteristic of such elements but it is the outfit’s unparalleled songwriting and assertive hand at honing their sound rather distinctly that makes the album genuinely original and overall brilliant.


Mac DeMarco2 (released by Captured Tracks 10/16/12)

Mac DeMarco‘s full-length titled 2 really impressed this year and so we knew we had to include him on this year’s list. DeMarco’s quirky character and style often and easily translates into his easy-going, sleaze-rock type music (as we’ve described it) which is perhaps why we find it so enjoyable and entertaining to listen to. That’s not to say that the record is disingenuous in its delivery but rather it’s quite refreshing to see and hear someone who doesn’t take themselves too seriously all the time and opting for lighthearted quirkiness.


Odesza – Summer’s Gone (self-released 09/06/12)

Production duo Odesza (BeachesBeaches and Catacombkid) released their prolific LP this year and boy did this album leave a lasting impression. Blending atmospheric electronic vibes and slick beats with beautiful vocal samples to perfection is Summer’s Gone. Honestly, no one track outdoes the other and we don’t mean that in a pejorative way. Rather, the album flows so seamlessly that we don’t know where each track starts and ends and instead we’re allowed to just submerged ourselves in the record and get lost in it.


Purity Ring – Shrines (released by 4AD 07/24/12)

We couldn’t be more happy with the official LP release this year from Purity Ring which contains loads of favorites from last year. However, we find ourselves enjoying the newer additions just the same which play around with the dark and cryptic yet incredibly catchy style that Purity Ring have mastered. So whether we’re in a thoughtful mood and want to relate to some of the deeper meanings underlying the tracks or just want something to dance to, we quickly turned to Shrines for repeated spins.


Sloslylove – Secret Dreams (self-released 02/12/12)

Sloslylove‘s aptly titled LP Secret Dreams is indeed a precious collection of lush electronic soundscapes that leads us into a dream-like and body-grooving state. The Wisconsin-native has a knack for infusing 70s and 80s funk into the mix while keeping everything incredibly slick, smooth and atmospheric in his production.


TopsTender Opposites (released by Arbutus Records 02/28/12)

Montreal-based outfit Tops has always been a blog favorite and their debut LP Tender Opposites continues to run on heavy rotation. The album is a brilliant blend of early soft rock influences, pin-sharp melodies, playful arrangements, and gorgeous vocal stylings with a contemporary twist. The album is simply flawless.


XXYYXXXXYYXX (released by Relief in Abstract 03/27/12)

The young producer and blog favorite XXYYXX (a.k.a. Marcel Everett) churned out a stunning release this year under one of our favorite labels Relief in Abstract Records. The producer’s self-titled album is an incredibly smooth masterpiece, weaving together chilled hip/trap-hop beats and warped vocal samples. The album sees the producer working with minimal instrumentals within ambient soundscapes that are often times very simply arranged, but nonetheless hypnotizing and darkly seductive. We didn’t expect anything less from XXYYXX.

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