“Holy shit” is how Brkthbeat‘s “No Show” involuntarily gets you to blurt out immediately upon hitting play. Seemingly out of nowhere, this mysterious outfit emerges and slaps you across the face and onto the dancefloor without apology. If things got any funkier or groovier, we’d all be slipping on bell bottoms, buying disco balls from the dollar store and practicing synchronized dance moves in front of the mirror for hours.

Brkthbeat describe themselves as “digital meets analog, where 80s boogie meets 70s funk. Brkthbeat is Retro-Futurism – we are the #FuturePast.”  Guess what? They nailed it. Those synths? That bass line? Them vocals? Holy shit.

We don’t know who these guys are, but we’re going to be keeping a close eye on subsequent releases, and so should you. Boogie the night away below.