Abhi/Dijon – “Abhi/Dijon” EP

Today’s music is very similar to a firework show on the Fourth of July; everyone is expecting something fantastic, with dazzling flashes of genius appearing in the nothingness for only a few seconds before dissipating back into the black background. EPs and LPs blend into one another, spectacular yet overshadowed by newer albums. However, Abhi/Dijon‘s self-titled EP is a bit different, not so forgettable, not easily dismissed.

The Abhi/Dijon EP is chilled out smooth R&B perfection, fantastic for sundown kick backs. Each song on Abhi/Dijon’s EP is able to embody the same feeling throughout, yet the tracks are so beautifully crafted that they stand out from one another, never a repeated version of the previous song. This is due to the Maryland-based duo’s tremendous talent and teamwork, with the former providing vocal support to the latter’s production.

The EP begins with the pulsating, spacey track “Honest”, a gripping beat infused stunner that drags the listener in. Dulcet vocals beg for honesty, enveloped in moody bass. The following song “Distant Love” might be my favorite off of the EP, featuring lovely crooning vocals and drawn out piano melodies. Thumping bass drives the song along, pushing it to a dial tone and then bringing the song to a close with more wispy piano.

The EP end on a strong note with dreamy closer “Young”. Distant yet full of hope, it leaves the listener with a sense of closure, fulfilment. It’s the grand finale of the show Abhi/Dijon has painstakingly orchestrated, laboring and working out the small details until the big picture is as bright and awe-inspiring as those pyrotechnic devices. Unforgettable, yearning to be replayed, this EP haunts me after its final notes and begs to be listened to one more time.

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